Some small(?) feature requests from a new-ish Vivaldi discoverer.

  • Hi all! So, I've been testing out V to replace my usual Chrome browser. So far I'm loving it, but there are some small things that have bothered me, that Chrome has, but V doesn't, and they're fairly important to me (plus a couple other minor things that Chrome doesn't have, that I'd love to see added). To make it easier, I'll just list them: [ul] [li]A "Restart" menu item under the "File" menu. To restart the browser. I used to use an extension that did that in Chrome, (but the extension no longer works, and no others appear available) and do have one for FF/Cyberfox. I restart my browsers often, and manually closing, waiting for the processes to exit, then clicking the icon to start it again is, unpleasant, compared to a simple "Restart" menu item. :P[/li] [li]The ability to drag extension buttons to where I want them, on the toolbar! Original Chrome can do this, I'm not sure why V doesn't? Wherever they get added when the extension is added, is where they're stuck for good. (Unless I'm missing how do do this?)[/li] [li]Don't think Chrome has this, but, with the Downloads sidebar open, viewing the downloaded files, I'd LOVE to have a tooltip, or even just the small text added under each item, where the file size is, in the same font color, that shows the download time/date. For the tooltip, the full filename too, so when a long file name gets truncated, it's a quick thing to see the entire file name without having to resize the whole sidebar.[/li] [li]Auto-show/Auto-hide the sidebar when cursor hovers over the arrow at the side of the window.[/li] [/ul] Slightly unrelated, is there a 64 Bit version available? If not, are there plans for one? Thanks! :silly: NOTE: I added the Li stuff to the list above, but it's not formatting it that way for some reason. shrug

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    Yes, there's a 64-bit version near the bottom of the page at

    It's less stable than the 32-bit version, but a lot of people seem to like it.

  • @bugmenot3:

    I added the Li stuff to the list above, but it's not formatting it that way for some reason. shrug

    You deleted the closing code: /ul


  • Thanks, here's a screenshot of the sourcecode that was already there though?


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