Some Notes Feedback

  • The Notes feature of the real Opera is one I still use almost constantly, and the lack of anything even close to it in terms of features and responsiveness elsewhere is mainly what kept me from changing browser. Vivaldi Notes is a bit different but is showing a lot of promise, but there are a couple of niggly things about it. [ol] [li]First line as note 'title' (as in O12) rather than full content in one long string would make (what I'm going to call) the notes organiser a lot cleaner.[/li] [li]I would like to be able to manipulate individual notes and folders within the organiser, e.g. drag and drop move to folder, change the order, etc.[/li] [li]A deleted notes folder would be nice, just in case of accidents![/li] [li]The screenshot feature looks like it could be useful, but the URL bar with it is slightly odd in that if you type a URL in there without the http:// or https:// protocol specified, it will not work. It should probably auto-add if missing.[/li] [/ol] And that's about it. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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