Any way to modify "typed history" URL list?

  • Is there a way to modify the displayed list of typed URLs when clicking the down arrow at the right side of the address bar? e.g. In Opera 12, there's a typed [u]history.xml[/u] text file that can be edited in any ASCII editor like Notepad. I sometimes like to rearrange the order of typed URLs manually, but haven't discovered a way to do that in Vivaldi.

  • I requested it too in bug report but nothing yet. Typed history is not in ascending order, if I select something from the bottom of the list it should go up. Also if I start typing a url and select a url from suggestion below it should also be added to typed history but it is no there. Bug.

  • While we're mentioning enhancements to typed-history drop down list, I'd also like to see it save "paste and go" URLs (ctrl+shift+v).

    But, for now, I'd be content to find a way to edit the list.

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