The vivaldi exprience was almost over

  • Hi Vivaldi Team, you have a nice browser there, waited some months before i have given it a try but it was very close that i uninstalled the browser right after it..... why ? i think if you release a browser, the basic funtions should work. period. if extensions are not working: ok. if the browser is not the fastes one or the one with the tiniest amount of memory in use: also ok. but if wanna setup my bookmark icon which is vital for my browsing and this is not even working properly, then i you should do your homework. i imported my bookmarks and was not able to move the icon to the bookmark bar. i had to do some vivaldi restarts to see the changes. the web site icon will not be displayed even if i clicked on " update icons" or visit the page to get the icon. and if i do the right click on a bookmark i dont want to laod the page to get the context menu..... but the design looks fine and i think i will stay with vivaldi because here i dont need to type in my google account password 😉


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