Can't see which tab i'm using

  • Well. This is quite irritating. I've got about 30 tabs opened and all of them are of the same white color. New tabs have this little black triangle on the right top corner but the one i'm using is indistinguishable from all the others - especially when several tabs of the same site are opened so even the icon is the same. Please do something with this.

  • @Martinezz123:

    Please do something with this.

    Please get familiar with the options before asking for something.

    Vivaldi has now a bunch of options that helps. Starting from the customizzable themes.

    If you are used do websites that lacks the favicon (hence the colorization) just disable the colorization feature and choose a theme you like (or create one yourself).

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    If user is on the Stable stream (as this user) they don't have customizable themes yet.

    However, in the Themes area of the Settings panel, there are settings that can be chosen which will increase contrast in the interface. That said, some displays don't render that contrast well. Using the Light theme, for instance, it can be difficult to see the difference between active and background tabs.

  • I replied mainly because the title


    The tab I'm using is the focused one, and can be made very evident playing with the old settings as well.

    The differentiation between all other tabs (say a bunch of wikipedia tabs) is a different matter I discussed that many times with the devs: suggested some solutions like a different theming color/alpha for odd and even tabs, or a level of random color added to each tab.

    Surely something about that will come, as the theming engine takes shape

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    I have no issue, of course, because my background is steel blue, and my active tab is gold. So, there's that… :evil:

  • So we are using a completely different program or I'm a complete idiot.

    In APPEARANCE I can chose:
    interface color: light or dark
    the dark one does a bit better job but hey! I don't want the dark one!

    In TAB DISPLAY I can chose:

    • use page theme color - which changes the vivaldi into a disco dance floor - changing colors with each tab.
      Or… transparent background tabs... which does nothing to this matter.

    Maybe you're discussing something I don't know.
    Then let me know.

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    In the light theme you can try different background colors, go into settings and change background tabs to or from "transparent," etc.

    However, snapshots are being published to preview and test the next ( version, and in that version you have complete control over background, foreground, accent and tab colors. I always run the snapshots because that's where the progress is. They can be seen at

  • @Ayespy:

    In the light theme you can try different background colors, go into settings and change background tabs to or from "transparent," etc.

    What You say is that I can use this option:
    "Transparent background tabs"?
    Yes this changes the contrast a little bit. A very, very small bit for the light theme.
    But it does not let me change the color of tabs.
    I think such an option - for foreground and background tabs - should be implemented.

    But thank you.
    Setting the above option helped a bit for the dark theme.
    So I have to stick with it.

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    Yes - well, as I mentioned above, there are versions available that do what you want, if you care to install one.

    If not, just wait until your version updates to 1.3, and the feature you are asking for will be there.

  • Oh. Ok.
    That's clear now.

  • I can't believe an advanced browser like Vivaldi makes it so hard to adjust the colors.

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    It's still early days in the development of the browser. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

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