Suggetion - View Bookmarks on mouse over event

  • Hi Vivaldi Team, I would like to make a suggestion that I think quite useful when using bookmarks in the sidebar. Other than stay visible always what if it [b]just slide[/b] to inner area and [b]disappearing once the user click on a bookmark or other area[/b]. This is because bookmarks panel take some area and small screens have little room for the web page display. Regards, Indika.

  • PS: Of course there can be a Pin button to make it visible always if needed.

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    It's probably already on the list of feature requests somewhere. Certainly, autohide of the Address bar and Bookmarks Bar have been requested before. Currently, I have defined mouse gestures and shortcuts to show/hide the panels.

    BTW: In this forum you can edit your posts at any time to fix typos. If you select the Light-bulb icon for your thread it will be obvious that it's a feature request.


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