Duplicate Processes with Multiple Windows

  • Is there a way to have a new Vivaldi window without having duplicate processes due to the web panels? If one has a few web panels (and say a two panel display where you have a different browser in each screen), the web panels are duplicated with a new window (and take up memory). Is there a way to open a "lite" window that doesn't have the web panels in that second window? Seems it would improve performance / lower resource utilization. Thanks!

  • It is inherent to Chromium's design to create multiple system processes for every tab or window that is open. Vivaldi probably can't do anything about that, as long as the browser is based on Chromium.

  • Understood - but Vivaldi should be able to spawn a new window that doesn't have web panels, since that is a Vivaldi (and not Chromium) function.

    New processes being created for each window is sensible/fundamental, but having web panels for each window beyond the first one seems duplicative


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