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  • :angry: Hello, warm welcome to VIVALDI browser. But why is there always music in background? How to switch it off? Terrible idea...

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    What are you talking about? I don't hear anything.

  • It´s in German language, mostly music, runs adds and starts and stops together with browser. My browser has no open tabs or sites, it plays also while I am writing these lines. And: I am in Germany right now.

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    So what you are saying is that Vivaldi Browser keeps playing a background music?

  • That's going to carry on for a full four seasons.

  • Well, that's weird. I don't listen any music here…

  • Perhaps some particular speed dial's audio running in the background?

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    rare but known bug, if i remember well
    try to close all opened tabs, clean cache & history and restart Vivaldi…

    EDIT : look fixed. Do you think sound can provide from a video content site or online radio previously visited ? is it always the same music playing at startup ?

  • What I hear is not a radio I ever choosed or heared before. It runs continiously, without repeating. All my tabs are closed. Task manager "network" shows activity when browser is open but firm on "google" or other site - and is without activity and silent when browser is closed. Now I'll try to follow ra-mon's recommendation, clean cache and history and restart…. just a minute....

  • Well, everything clean now, empty and disabled. But after restart radio runs again!

  • Vivaldi Team

    I can confirm this issue. My girlfriend had the same unexpected music :)

  • It's actually subliminal programming to prevent you from going back to the top three browser competitors and backsliding with their crappy features.


    But I don't hear it - have you also power-cycled your computer?

  • I have not encountered this mystery music playing in my experiences either. Perhaps you had a hidden window or tab open that was maybe some ad playing? At least they included the audio icon that shows which tabs are currently playing audio. May just be a bug and I would expect it to be patched in the next releases.

  • Very interesting bug, hopefully devs let us know what causes it as it sounds pretty funny to have German Radio in background.

  • @kudo:

    Very interesting bug, hopefully devs let us know what causes it as it sounds pretty funny to have German Radio in background.

    If it was 70's, 80's or 90's American rock I would have no problem with it :)

  • If it was Vivaldi's Four Seasons, that would be an awesome easter egg!

  • Its not coming from your browser. Its inside your head.

    Each time I open the browser I can hear it as well. It sounds similar to this but I'm not sure…because when I close the browser its gone.

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    i had that problem sometimes, mainly when you crash (with a youtube tab) and it restore playing the tab, but even u closing it, it keeps playing, then u have to close the browser again

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