Verdana replaced with Segoe UI

  • I tried changing the Webpage font for Sans to Verdana, but it changes to Segoe UI [attachment=3929]DefaultFonts.png[/attachment] I want pages to use Verdana, as they were designed. Why is the font replaced with another one? Top is Opera 12.17 (as designed), bottom is Vivaldi. Both are at 150% zoom [attachment=3928]WebpageFonts.png[/attachment] Vivaldi 1.3 32-bit on Windows 7 64-bit. Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img]

  • This works for me Vivaldi 1.3.501.6 (64-bit) on Win 10 Pro (64bit).


    Perhaps something has been messed up when you added your extra fonts?

  • It's definitely an odd bug. I can select any font, except Verdana, without it changing. I tried everything from Source San Pro, through Tahoma, to Woodchuck and Zolano. They all work, but Verdana still changes to Segoe UI.

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    I don't suppose your Verdana is TTF while the rest are OTF?

  • @Ayespy:

    I don't suppose your Verdana is TTF while the rest are OTF?

    Verdana, and most of the others are TTF. I settled on Tahoma for now, but it is affecting page layout a lot on my long pages.

    I tried removing a redundant bold version of Verdana, uninstalling, and reinstalling all but the Regular style (which is a protected system font), but it makes no difference.

    I even tried delete all four from C:\Windows\Fonts\ bypassing the protection of my font manager, then reinstalled them but it makes no difference.

    A few other fonts like Verajja, and Verajja Serif, also cannot be selected as they revert to Segoe UI.

  • Reported as: (VB-19016) Verdana replaced with Segoe UI

    I have 551 Active fonts, so no more than average, and unlikely to be related to this issue.


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