Tablet issue

  • Surface Pro 3 - Windows 10 - Vivaldi 1.3.501.6 64bit - using a mix of both my finger and my stylus, but I think this is specific to stylus since it replicates a true mouse input with a pointer. I havent checked this on my laptop (which is non-touch). I have an issue with the tabs in Vivaldi and the display of the close button. This won't occur immediately after the tab is opened. It occurs after using content in a tab. Some sort of content (don't know if it is flash, or HTML5 or whatever...I have no idea how I would check, either. I mention this because some pages cause the issue, others don't) causes the tab close button to break in essence. Here's what happens. I will have used the tab and I will want to close it. So I go up to click close with the stylus, but the tab show wont show the close "X" button, nor will the tab close if I click the area where the "X" should be. To (annoyingly) rectify this issue, I simply have to move my stylus out of the tab area and then back in and the close button will appear and it will be fully clickable. Any ideas? edit: it has occurred with viewing content on Wikipedia and Bing search, to name a couple common sites. edit 2: it occurs with this forum. I seem to be able to replicate it very easily by doing the following: load page, click into page area with stylus, click area and drag around with my FINGER, then go back to stylus use. Tab won't show "X" button. Edit 3: Other issues I am encountering, related to finger touch. I find that there are issues clicking on links with my fingers in new tabs. And, sometimes, when switching between tabs, or opening a new link in a current tab, there is a delay in being able to use my finger to scroll the page. Firefox and Chrome do not share these issues.


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