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  • I'm running Windows 10. I began using Vivaldi on a friend's recommendation after having a problem with Chrome. The first Chrome problem was that it would not open. TM shows processes running but not apps. This would continue for some time. At one point I uninstall and re-installed Chrome over 12 times with the same results. The second Chrome problem was that it would freeze and become unresponsive when I attempted to open a website on another tab. All tabs would be unresponsive. Now these same issues are happening with Vivaldi. Vivaldi (as happened with Chrome) will either not open, or will freeze. It happens no matter what websites are being opened, what's open, how many tabs are open. It's happened with just one tab open. Today it happened on Vivaldi when I typed in the url for Google. Just stopped. No messages. Meanwhile, Opera and Edge opened and worked without issue.

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    What are your hardware specs? Are you running 32-bit or 64-bit Vivaldi?

    Vivaldi performs without hitches or delays (once it finally opens) on my old P4 with 4GB of DDR SRAM running at 400 MHz.

  • Hi, I am not a Windows user but a friend goes back to Windows 8.1 because of freeze with Chrome or complete system hangs with Google search or simply doing nothing, only open Chrome.
    Do you mean old Opera or the new Chrome based Opera?

    Cheers, mib

  • Vivaldi and Chrome are using Chromium as their "core" or so to say. So having problems with the one and then the other isn't really surprising.

    I would suggest you do the following:
    1. Install Wise Disc Cleaner
    2. Install Wise Registry Cleaner
    3. Install IObit Uninstaller
    4. In IObit Uninstaller Settings, and WDC select/check/enable all settings:
    (in the Advanced Cleaner in WDC DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING!!!)

    5. Install both Chrome and Vivaldi
    6. Use IObit Cleaner to uninstall them and clean their junk
    7. Use both Wise Cleaners to do a regular and advanced scan and delete and junk and registry leftovers on your computer
    8. In this directory "C:\Users\LAMBDA471\AppData\Local" ("LAMBDA471" stands for your username, you should use your own there) you should look for folders named "Google" and "Chromium" - Shift+Del those, if there aren't there, that's good
    9. Restart your computer
    10. Reinstall Chrome or Vivaldi or both and see if they work now

    If that doesn't help, your problems lies elsewhere and I can't think of another solution.


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