Bugs I have found…

  • Vivaldi is great, looks miles better than any other browser, but unfortunately there are few bugs, which is to be expected. I only hope that these are fixed quickly. 1) Outlook web app doesn't display an favicon or a preview for some reason. 2) The window fullscreen, video fullscreen problem that is mentioned in depth in other threads 3) When a window is fullscreen, Inspect element goes fullscreen, and becomes impossible to close. Inspect element also isn't able to dock to the bottom or side, and does not have a responsive emulator. 4) when there is a private window and a normal window open fullscreen at the same time toggling fullscreen (View>Toggle Full Screen) on the private window shrinks the normal window instead of the private window. [strike]5) Maybe not a Vivaldi problem, but in Facebook, the toggle feed button (above the trending section in the same block) doesn't appear.[/strike] <-- edit: confirmed not a Vivaldi problem 6) Not a specific bug, but when there are a lot of tabs open, performance decreases dramatically. That's all for now, I'll post back if anything else comes up. Thanks for all of your work! I'm going to stick it out with Vivaldi for now.

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