Thank you !!!!

  • Thank you guys x 1000 times !!!!! Finally i think i found it !! (first sorry for my bad English) I think i found the next best browser of the world and this is VIVALDI !!! Thank everyone of your team for this Excellent work . I am using browsers since the beginning of the internet ( 90+ ) . Actually i work as web developer in Greece. until now i was 99% use firefox because is custom-able , i have really a lot addons about 40-50 . The firefox was the one who let me customize the toolBars. But these days firefox is realy really slow. I could not work with freedom . I planed many times to make the move to chrome but always come back to mozilla . I finally found a extension for chrome for customize buttons , the [url=]Context[/url] (by the way there is some problems with it but working) and i started with SlimJet browser but something was missing.. Then i found you!!! I use Vivaldi about a week now and i am really happy with it. There are thinks that missing like sync but i know that you work on it and i can wait .. Not big problem. There are some bugs also but i count on you !!! Keep walking and i believe Vivaldi is gonna be the best browser of the future.

  • Hi & welcome seeder. As you will see here in these fora, you are amongst many many other users who discovered Vivaldi & love it, barrack for it, support it, & use it daily even though it's still a long way from "finished". For many of us here, though not all, V has become so valuable to & respected by us for its inherent capability to replace Opera-Presto, given our big disappointment with Opera-Blink having gone so badly off the rails & now targeting a different demographic.

    Like you i also experimented with many other browsers after Opera-Presto [or in your case, [i]Firefox]; i tried Pale Moon, Firefox, Nightly, Slimjet, Maxthon, Waterfox, Chrome [ugh], Comodo Dragon, Sleipnir, Opera-Blink… & doubtless also others now forgotten which i uninstalled almost as soon as installed due to being just hopeless. Some of them i listed here were disappointing immediately or after a few days, others were "interesting" & used for several months but ultimately were frustrating given they fell short of the original Opera functionality & ethos. Then, eventually, along came Vivaldi !! 😛


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