Feedback as a fresh user

  • First of all, the interface looks very good, I like it. Let's go to the important matters now, that is, what I would like to see improved/changed/added: [ul] [li]mouse-wheel scrolling on the tabs actually scrolls from tab to tab[/li] [li]in the settings, to be able to add exceptions for cookie rejection[/li] [li]the tabs bar is buggy (dragging a tab sometimes behaves weirdly, and if I hit the top of the screen or get out of of the windows while pressing the mouse button, the tab does not move). I am using Vivaldi on Linux Mint Cinnamon[/li] [li]synchronization (I know you are working on it: just count this as a +1)[/li] [li]private/anonymous mode[/li] [li]automatic updates functionality (as a Linux user, I would like this in the form of a PPA)[/li] [li]ctrl+shift+T reopens a closed tab - I use htis hips of times[/li] [li]closing last tab closes the browser[/li] [/ul] I will post updates. Thank you for your awesome work.

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