[feature request] search using Clipboard

  • Hello, Opera < 13 has a very useful feature which I am using all the time - when you have anything in your Clipboard (in Linux you simply should double-click any word or select some phrase), you can click middle button anywhere and this content will be used in a search engine set by default (no confirmations are needed - the new (!) tab is open with results of this search). It would be that critical improvement which would allow me to finally move to Vivaldi. Can it be implemented anyhow (I left a feature request in a corresponding thread, but it was not answered) ? :unsure: Another thing is - can search results be shown in a new tab (perhaps it should be configurable) ? Thank you PS. Still have a hope that Vivaldi will substitute Opera 12 for me.

  • I use this feature a lot in Opera 12.17

    It's disabled by default, but found in opera:config: PageBar Open URL On MiddleClick

    If the text is not a URL, then a default search is done instead.

    In Vivaldi, you can already select any text on the page and use Search for "the selected text." It does not replace the contents of the clipboard.

  • 2Pesala

    The thing is that I do it a bit differently - I can copy some text outside the browser, but want to use current clipboard content in search. So using right click is unfortunately not an option.

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    to moderators - please move it to 'Vivaldi browser for Linux'


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