• vivaldi的快捷标签的缩略图如果能过提供简洁好看的缩略图,而不是简单的显示为网站的首页截图的话,会更美观些,还有是云同步功能希望能尽早支持

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    Please post in English in this forum, or provide a translation. There is a Chinese forum if you wish to use your own language.

    Vivaldi quickly label them if they can provide a concise look at the thumbnail display rather than simply as a site Home screenshots be more beautiful and cloud syncing hope to early support

    These are both frequent feature requests. No doubt we will get some improvements in the Speed Dial sooner rather than later. I suspect that sync will take much longer to arrive. It must be tested thoroughly before it is released as it may destroy users' data. It also needs a server to work.


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