Speed Dial Need Real Update

  • Hi, I have been using Vivaldi since Japanese website have wrote about Opera sell and security bridge with back door planned by new Ch owners. Japanese community advised to move to Vivaldi. This is how I found it. Its muuuch faster than Opera and I love it. However, there is still some work to do even though it works perfect on my side with all Chrome extensions I had in Chrome (long before Opera) then in Opera and now in Vivaldi. Speed Dial is my concern. Its added by you as WoW feature, but its not really WoW! at all. Let me point a few changes to be made with compare to Opera and 3rd party extension, which work on Vivaldi but cannot set to open as Start Page. -[b]Speed Dial mess[/b] - cannot customize name - no resize possible to accomodate more rows (ONLY 6 now) - no logos or something at least like in Opera the name of website - with url under the thumb and only mini front page in mini window makes difficult to find the website The good part I found is Speed Dial tabs on the top. Better then in Opera mess. Because of default SD I downloaded my favorite extension FVD SD. However, sad news is that unlike in Chrome or Firefox, Vivaldi dont allow me to open Start Page with my extension to overpass messy default Speed Dial. If I`m mistaken, please correct me. To understand me better what I mean please [url=http://i.imgur.com/ORwVSD3.jpg][b]CLICK HERE[/b][/url] to see jpeg file with comparison Love VIVALDI so far and I do believe you can make it better

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    Just click on the Speed Dial title to edit it.

    Other stuff will come when it's ready.

  • Whats a shame ;) Why I didnt try double click on SD. Looks good now.
    What I need is logos or be able to pick up from the website. How it comes that upon download Vivaldi Twitter and Facebook have logo? You said that the other stuff comes when ready. Does this mean you work on it? :cheer:

  • You can open Vivaldi with FVD instead of the default speed dial as explained in these posts:

    Start with FVD

  • Actually I like Vivaldi SD. Now when I changed names it is good, but the only thing I miss is logo on thumbs instead of mini page view. Id like to see it catched automatically with inserted URL or to be able to find on the web and insert link to it as in Chrome. If this comes sometime in the future than I wont need FVD, which I still keep as my back up.


    I followed up all links about FVD and tried everything they advised but without success.
    I will stick to Vivaldi default and open FVD from extension icon for time being.


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