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  • I'm really want to change my browser from Firefox with AiOS Sidebar to Vivaldi. Firefox being great for a long time, keeps to get worser and worser now. Vivaldi is missing one central feature for me: chronics in Sidebar. Its very comfortable to look up some websites (sorted under one root website) from yesterday or last week without bookmarking every crap. That feature was in old IE and with AiOS in Firefox. I'm cant understand so many browsers dont feature it. just best way to look up some forum threads you visited last day with just 2 or 3 clicks. I know you can open chronics from menue but thats just straight wrong for me to access it other way than my bookmarks. Please say me you are developing this. Since you devs have integrated sidebar, you are my primar hope for it. 😎

  • Moderator

    Presumably by "chronics" you mean the History Panel?

    For now, you can use Ctrl + H to open the History Tab.

    The page is part of Chrome, and not designed for use as a Web Panel,

    You can add it as a web panel if you wish (right-click menu), but your panel will need to be very wide for it to be usable.

    Later I am sure we will get a proper history panel.


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