GeoGebra Exam mode - Full screen switch hiccup

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    This is a rather specific one. GeoGebra is a mathematical drawing tool that is also available as online app. The GeoGebra webstart app offers an Exam mode where it switches to full screen and logs whether the user switched windows or browser tabs, i.e. possibly cheated on the exam. [url=][/url] With Vivaldi, I immediately receive the RED FLAG the moment I enter into the exam mode. Apparently Vivaldi performed some switch that caused GeoGebra to temporarily loose focus. With Google Chrome, the title bar remains grey and the log shows that no focus switch occured. What's the hiccup?

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    I'm pretty sure I filed a bug report back then. It seems we can't search the bug reports.
    Another issue prompted me to check this again with the latest build (pre-release 1.7).
    The hiccup still occurs with 1.7.735.27 (Official build) (64-bits)

  • @S_Paternotte said in GeoGebra Exam mode - Full screen switch hiccup:

    I'm pretty sure I filed a bug report back then. It seems we can't search the bug reports.

    The bug database is closed, but you would have have received an email giving you a bug number for your report.
    It would have the subject line beginning
    [Jira] (VB-xxxxx)
    Where VB-xxxxx would be the bug number.

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    Ah yes: Issue Collector created VB-18920

    Can I check its status?

  • @S_Paternotte You should ask @Gwen-Dragon nicely, she's always helpful and willing to reveal some details about the bugs reported by users. 😉 But I'm afraid the answer might be "it's not fixed yet" since the issue still occurs in the latest snapshot.

    I guess it's not so easy to determine what's causing the bug or how to fix it without rebuilding too many features or breaking something else. Perhaps it's not even considered as Vivaldi's bug and rather some flaw in the site's script? I don't know but I think there is a workaround (though I'm not sure since I don't use that site and I'm not familiar with it) - if you launch the full screen manually before starting the exam, you don't get the red flag.

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    Well, you're quite the experimental type.
    You managed to find a workaround as well as additional information for the Vivaldi team to ponder upon.

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    I'd like to revive this issue again, because I've got new information that may point to a flaw in Vivaldi.

    • When you start the GeoGebra Exam mode in Google Chrome, the browser is automatically switched to (F11) full screen mode.
    • When you start the GeoGebra Exam mode in Vivaldi, the switch to (F11) full screen mode does not take place and a page refresh sets off the alarm that you may have cheated the exam.

    Somehow Vivaldi misses the cue to switch to full screen mode.

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