How To Transfer/Copy Settings From Another Install

  • I did this successfully myself so I thought I might as well share how I did it. I was recently installing a new computer with Windows and had to reinstall a lot of programs that were on a previous hard drive already. In short, I was able to successfully transfer all of the settings and hotkeys including the start menu for new tabs. It wasn't difficult at all but I'll try to iterate as best as I can. 1. Install a fresh version of Vivaldi on new system (you can open then close Vivaldi to be safe) 2. On original system, go to your Vivaldi install location (default: C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Vivaldi) 3. Copy the directory and save it to another storage device, i.e. thumb stick or cloud drive 4. Go to new system, return to the Vivaldi install location (default is in #2) 5. Copy the original install's files into the new install's directory, replacing all files that is conflicted It worked flawlessly in my case, but I'm not aware of all the Vivaldi file locations so I'm no expert on how the browser works Edit #1: There's some conflicts that sort of resolve themselves with the original settings, such as when downloading and it saves to the default location, which doesn't exist anymore, it simply pops open an explorer window to choose where to download the file.</username>

  • Which Vivaldi version (and which OS)?
    Also, you don't mention the "known problem areas" - did you have any Passwords or Extensions set up in this Vivaldi installation and did they transfer successfully? If yes, which extensions?

  • Just going to necro this to log answers to TbGbe's questions:

    Saved passwords are transferred, as are all extensions, but no cookies. None of my extensions that required logging in to the service succeeded at transferring login info, those that did not require login usually succeeded.


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