Resize of Tabs on delete

  • I just noticed that a great feature of vivaldi has been remeoved in one of the recent snapshot updates: When deleting Tabs with the middle mouse button, the old versions did keep the width of all tabs constant. This way, it was plain easy to delete several consecutive tabs in the middle of the tab bar. I found this a [b]great[/b] feature. In the current version (I'm running 1.3.501.6) this has reverted to the 'Standard'(?), resizing Tabs on each delete so they fill the tab bar. This way, tabs to the left of the mouse cursor slide under the mouse, and one has to move the mouse for each single click. This is BAD™ :evil: Please bring the old behavior back!

  • You can select multiple tabs by holding down the Ctrl key if you have the Enable Tab Selection setting on, but for some reason a middle click still only closes the tab you click on. To close all selected tabs at once, you have to use the context menu.


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