Chromium UI bug report: fullscreen blocks location bar and makes new-tab useless

  • This is a bug/deficiency in Chromium/Chrome also. This has always been a problem and is not new (I only checked Linux and FreeBSD though, so it might be X11-specific). I like fullscreen (F11) or the almost fullscreen (Ctrl-F11) mode on my 13" laptop. You can open a new tab (Ctrl-T) in this mode, but not enter anything in the not-visible location bar. Forcing focus on the location bar (Ctrl-L) also doesn't do anything. This is super annoying and will probably never be fixed in Chromium, but I have high hopes for Vivaldi. Could Ctrl-T in fullscreen mode somehow slide in the location bar (from top or bottom) so it can get keyboard focus and one can see the URL suggestions? I'm also fine if this would not happen normally, and only get triggered when using Ctrl-L to focus the location bar. All I wish is for me to type in new URLs in a new tab w/o having to exit fullscreen mode 😕 Thanks

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    Use F2 to show the quick commands dialogue instead, and enter the URL there.

    BTW: Is it called the "Location bar" in Chrome too, or is that just Firefox? In Opera and Vivaldi it's know as the Address Bar (to avoid possible confusion).

  • Thanks, that works indeed! It would still be nice if Ctrl-L would do something meaningful (muscle memory and all that).

    Not sure whether it's address bar or location bar, I just remember the Ctrl-L -> _L_ocation bar mnemonic

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    You can edit shortcuts in Settings

    F8 and Ctrl L are the defaults for the Address Bar.

    You could delete Ctrl L, and assign it instead to Quick Commands (Keyboard, Window, Quick Commands), but then of course you will have to learn F8 for accessing the URL bar on normal tabs.


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