Quotee Label on Quotes Would Be Great

  • So far, the Quote function does not have a Label that indicates whom one is quoting. And we can't even modify it with the ole "quote=Rambo" extension, Etc. Tweaking the Quote function to either automatically include whom we're quoting or at least allow us to modify it to add whom we're quoting would be great.

  • That already exists but only in Vivaldi Forums.

    I suppose it is just a matter of time before to be implemented in our Comment boxes..

  • Thanks for the clarification, Teresa. Yes, I did mean the quotes in the comment boxes in our Blogs.

  • Ah, no problemo.
    Creo que este item tampoco va a ser implementado pronto –de lo contrario, ya hubieras recibido alguna respuesta concreta.

    Supongo que aquella es la misma de estos días: hay que esperar..

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