BUG: Typing Japanese into address bar causes loss of focus when selecting text conversion with ENTER

  • 1.3.501.6 (Developer Build) (64-bit) | Windows 10 Pro This issue probably affects only a very small percentage of users, but it affects me on a daily basis. When typing Japanese (or Chinese - but I don't have Chinese installed to test this issue), one would write out the alphabet equivalent then select your text from a pop-up. I usually use my arrow keys to highlight the conversion I want then select with the ENTER key. Ideally, after hitting ENTER the cursor should be at the end of the text so I can continue typing. However, Vivaldi has recently started losing focus from the address bar after hitting ENTER (text is successfully converted). It doesn't send a request through as no search or page load begins - it simply loses focus. It's rather annoying when I'm doing bilingual searches all day long. Note: Chrome doesn't exhibit this behavior and leaves attention in the address bar. Additionally, highlighting the desired text and then continuing to type without hitting ENTER continues the text in the address bar and selects the text conversion. While I understand this is a workaround (I just have to break a very deeply ingrained habit), the rest of windows works with the ENTER key and Vivaldi used to work that way as well, so something glitched along the way. To be clear, I am searching from the address bar as I appreciate the convenience of an "omni-bar" so I don't have the search box activated. Again, I understand this would affect a minuscule amount of users, but I thought I'd report it anyways. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/82661/example.jpg[/img]

  • Ah whoops. I swear I searched before I posted this but that post didn't come up. Thanks!

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