Privacy features wanted

  • I like what I'm seeing so far in Vivaldi and I'm hopeful that a niche type browser like Vivaldi would be more amenable to implementing more privacy related features. Epic browser doesn't allow extensions and Opera (new) has annoying quirks with fixed search settings and import/exporting bookmarks. Chromium browsers currently have issues with webrtc ip leaks, canvas fingerprinting, browser fingerprinting. Theres one workaround for webrtc leaks but it needs installing a google extension (webrtc network limiter). Some ideas: - some anti html5 canvas fingerprinting and browser fingerprinting built in instead of relying on extensions of dubious origin which typically want wide permissions, inserting some noise like what canvas defender is going could work well - hide uncommon plugins (like Firefox) and also system fonts, or change their order (not sure if that works) - the built in chrome pdf plugin seems to have a long string which is probably quite unique and makes fingerprinting easier. In my case the plugin name is - chrome-extension://mhjfbmdgc........../

  • +1
    Advanced Privacy settings.


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