Remove Bookmarks from urlbar typing autosearch

  • Well, I didn't find any setting to do that, please comment if you know how it's possible. We have a urlbar, when we type in it it shows autosearch result dropdown list which shows previously typed addresses, bookmarks and history items found. And I want to see only previous typed entries and possibly history, I don't want to see bookmarks in it. I have my bookmarks sorted and visible on the left, I don't need to type to find any of them, and having them in dropdown list I have to press down arrow key a lot of times to get to history results Probably there are people who don't like that history results are there too, so maybe we could get an on/off option for all sections, and maybe order in which they appear in autosearch results

  • There might be no such setting at the moment.

    You can take a look at this thread for some clarification.


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