Fonts problem

  • I use version 1.2.490 and fonts change randomly from crisp to blurry in new opened tabs, wathever if "direct right" and "anti-aliasing" are activated or not. I hope this issue will be fixed. This was ok in version 1.1. Why make changes when it works !!!

  • many users reported this a few weeks ago but nothing really happened. all you can do is roll back to the previous version.

    are you on 64-bit Win7 using 32-bit vivaldi? many of those reporting blurry fonts had this very setup

  • What are the steps to rool back to the previous version ???

  • uninstall version 1.2 and install Vivaldi.1.1.453.59

    getting the old version is tricky though, I looked for it quite a time, sorry I have no idea how I found it. I think a user linked to it under one of the recent posts at the vivaldi blog.

    I have a gut feeling that this is never going to get fixed, since it only affects some people. 😞


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