Feature Requests

  • This is looking good, and if things go right i can see myself using vivaldi as my primary browser. Different people want different things, so there are going to be allot of feature requests, and with a bit of luck vivaldi is gonna get them features. The problem is some people dont want specific features, and when such a feature is forced on then they will start to dislike vivaldi very fast. Therefore my firstmost requested feature for vivaldi must be: [b]CUSTOMIZABILITY[/b] In other words, if you put some feature in vivad, then also create the posibily to disable it. This disable option doesn't have to be fancy menu, a config file or about:config list will do. Allot of stuf is still missing, but that can be expected of a preview version. [b]Points nooted[/b] [u]The good things i noticed so far[/u] [ul] [li]* its extreemly fast[/li] [li]* speed dial can be switched off[/li] [li]* [/li] [/ul] [u]Things that annoy me greatly[/u] (hoping for a way to disable it) [ul] [li]* Side bar I wat an option to disable it completaly The options that are now in the side bar could go into an menu [/li] [li]* Background image, I want to be able to disable it[/li] [li]* No Bookmarks buttong/dropdown in the toolbar[/li] [/ul] [u]Thing i am missing[/u] (my personal shortterm feature request list ) [ul] [li]* Bookmarks dropdown butting in toolbar (like it was possible in opera 12) [/li] [li]* Customizable toolbaar[/li] [li]* Auto clear of history/cookies/etc on shutdown/startup[/li] [/ul] [u]Possible bugs i found[/u] [ul] [li]* configured homepages is not activated on startup[/li] [li]* while experimenting with the settings menu, i managed to something with resulted in vivaldi starting with settings screen and unable to get the browser back (i had to delete the config directory to get it working again)[/li] [/ul] [b]Some final questions[/b] Will there be an android version in the future ? Is there a change this browser will become opensource ? [b]Begging for mercy[/b] If you ask me, please please please DONT put in something like opera discover, its a waste of time and if it cant be switched off i will have to go look for another browser (again) ;)

  • Here are features I want to see in Vivaldi.

    • Control + Ctrl for .com
    • Control + Ctrl for .net
    • Ability to open new tabs form bookmarks with middle mouse click (when this is used not to take me directly into the newly opened tab).
    • Ability to set default zoom level for all pages (maybe there is such option but I missed it :) ).
    • Ability to disable top spacing in the tabs (this would be nice :) ).
    • More visual tabs every browser have a little cut. (It's not a priority but something to think about :) ).

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