Click in Left Tab (or Panel) to open in existing Right Tab (or Main Window)

  • Firstly, thank for the awesome browser - Chrome addins plus proper side tabs is a great mix. If this is an existing feature or addin, can someone advise me how to do it... [ol] [li]I want to have 2 tiled tabs.[/li] [li]When I click any link in the [b]left[/b] tab, I want it to open in the [b]right[/b] tab.[/li] [li]Any subsequent clicks in the left tab will open in the [b]existing[/b] right tab. I do not want to create a new tab, just reuse the existing one.[/li] [li]Alternatively, the 'left' tab could be a web panel and the 'right' tab the main window.[/li] [/ol] This scenario is relevant when the left tab (or panel) has a Table of Contents and the right tab the actual content being browsed. One way to do this is to copy the link in the left tab, then do a paste-and-go in the right, but I want to make this a single action.

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    • Clone the current tab
    • Select both
    • Tile the two tabs

    If you assign a mouse gesture to "Clone tab in background" (I assigned GestureDown to this), then it takes just a few clicks to split the current tab.


    • Gesture Down
    • Shift +Click on the cloned background tab
    • Right-click, Tile 2 Tabs (or use the Tile flyout on the status bar to tile horizontally)

  • I must be missing something…

    I've never had any issues tiling 2 copies of a tab. The problem is that, when I click a link in the left tab, I want it to open that link in the right tab, keeping the left tab unchanged.

    Basically, I want to reduce the following process down to a single click…

    • Copy the relevant link from the page on the left
    • Select the tab on the right
    • Press ctrl-shift-v to paste and go on the right

  • You want Old Opera's Follower Tab feature - will hopefully be on the to do list

  • In version 1.2.490.43, this seems to work! When I do the following, it seems to do what I want:

    • Open an html file which is effectively a table of contents.
    • Click on a link, which is to another html file in the same folder on the server (don't know if this is significant). Vivaldi opens this in a new tab (don't know yet why it opens a new tab, rather than reusing the same tab).
    • I then drag the first (table of contents) tab over second one, then tile them
    • Subsequently, when I select links in the Contents tab, they open in the other one - perfect!


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