How to replace the StartPage

  • I have a custom site which I use for browser home page and new tab pages. I can't see how to replace the StartPage in Vivaldi with that page, for New Tabs. Anybody know how to do that? [i](I thought there was some discussion on that about a month ago, but can't find it now.)[/i]

  • I believe that if you try this, it will do what you want: navigate your browser to the desired URL for your startup page, then under Tools > Settings > Startup, click on the "Use Current Pages" button just beneath the Startup Pages section. The URL should then appear in the box immediately under "Startup Pages" and an "x" button should also appear beside it (which can be used to remove that page if you should later desire to change it).

    NOTE: For whatever reason, trying to directly type the page address into the Start Page box and trying to use the "Add" button does not seem to cause the address to "stick"… if the Settings panel is closed and reopened, the address will be gone when the setting is attempted that way -- or at least that's what happens if the startup page is a local file address rather than a URL, like on my system.

  • Hi Blackbird. Thanks for that.

    My problem is with New Tab pages. In those I get the browser supplied page, not the one I specified.

    (I'll add that to the original post.)

  • Problem solved.

    I found a separate setting under tabs for the page to bring up.

    In other words Vivaldi has two settings to achieve what I expected. (Not the one that I expected.) I think that's a good design.


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