Find in page feature request

  • Happily using 1.2.485.14. In earlier versions, the [i]Find in Page[/i] box persisted when a new page was opened. I found this very convenient, for example when searching for something over multiple forum pages. I didn't mind at all closing the box manually--although it would have been nice if ctrl/f or f3 toggled it. Forum member electic[url=] reported this as a bug[/url], and it has been fixed. 😞 If this is behavior can be changed by the user, I'd appreciate being shown how. If not, maybe developers could consider making it an option in a future release. Thanks

  • Moderator

    The neat thing about Find in Page (F3) in Opera 12.17 is that it finds the search string in any other page too, and it does this without opening the Toolbar, which only has to be closed afterwards.

    For me, Find Next does find the search string in other pages using Vivaldi 1.3, but the Find Toolbar opens unnecessarily — that's all.


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