Need help with setting Vivaldi as a deafult browser

  • I have problem, I can't set Vivaldi as my deafult browser properly. I mean I set it as a deafult browser in the control panel, but I can not check all protocols and extensions. Even if I already selected Vivaldi as my deafult browser it always asks me again when I reopen it. If someone sent me a link for ex. via Steam or Skype, previously it would open in Chrome, but now it won't open in any browser. Also I can't force Vivaldi as a deafult program to open .html files, it is simply ignoring me, and not saving the settings. Below you can see my settings in Deafult Programs tab in Control Panel, even if I check FTP, HTTP, HTTPS protocols and htm, html extensions and click save it won't change anything, it will ignore me. [img size=200][/img] I really like this browser, and I want to use it, but it will be impossible without it being my deafult browser. I'm using 64-bit Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1. Sorry for my broken english, I hope that my problem is understandable. Thanks for any answer in advance.

  • Before checking HTTP & HTTPS protocols (image above), click on "Set your default programs" under "Default Programs" (Control Panel) and make sure Vivaldi appears in the list of programs ("Set this program as default").

    In my list of default programs, I see Vivaldi and Vivaldi Standalone (Control Panel / Programs / Default Programs / Set Default Programs):


    Then click on "Associate a file type or protocol with a program" (Control Panel / Programs / Default Programs / Set Associations):


    Make sure to check the "Register" option during installation when installing as standalone.

  • I already did it, I searched for the protocols and extensions, and I've choosen Vivaldi as a deafult program to open them, but when I click "OK" to save the options, it still says that the deafult program is "Unknown program" and not Vivaldi.

  • Can you post the screenshot of your default programs? (Control Panel / Programs / Default Programs / Set Default Programs)

    The images I've seen so far are from "Control Panel / Programs / Default Programs / Set Associations".

  • Sure thing:

    As you can see, there is written that Vivaldi has 14 out of 20 deafult options. And the problem is that I can't set the remaining 6.

  • Because I've installed several versions of Vivaldi (32-bit, 64-bit, Standalone), I got one Vivaldi with 16 out of 20 and another Vivaldi Standalone with 9 out of 20 defaults (had to check HTTP & HTTPS protocols for Vivaldi Standalone).

    You can see here the standard ways to set defaults in Windows:

    7 Ways You Can Change Default Applications and File Associations in Windows


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