[Bug] "Never" option for storing passwords is not honored.

  • Neither the Linux version nor the Windows version of Vivaldi honor my option to never store the password for certain websites - I keep getting asked the same thing every time I log in, even though I've answered "never" several times now.

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    it's not a bug! uncheck offer to save your web passwords


  • @lamarca:

    it's not a bug! uncheck offer to save your web passwords

    Uh, yes it is. I don't want it to stop offering to save passwords for new websites, I just want it to stop specifically for websites where I answered "never" the first time it asked me. That's what that answer means. That's what every browser does in that situation. This has been a clearly understood browser functionality for years now.

    And of course I expect to be able to revise my "never" answer for each website from the Privacy page (though the passwords list should be on a settings page called "Security" to be exact, but whatever).

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    it never happened to me.

  • So far I have two websites I definitely remember it happening on and both are for financial services: ro.unicreditbanking.net and kraken.com. Interestingly, for my other bank on homebank.ro I don't have this problem, but I think on that one I was never asked about saving the password in the first place - I think Vivaldi isn't even recognizing the login form on that page.

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    it shows you a list of all saved and not saved passwords.


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