[Bug] Close/Open New-Tab with Mouse-Gesture

  • Hi, ever since 1.1 thru 1.3 I am expiriencing the following bug: - Browse to your e.g. Facebook feed. - With the mouse gesture "down-right" close the tab. Make sure to remember the position of a link or end the gesture above one. - Open a new Tab with the gesture "down", starting from the position of the link in the closed tab. - A new tab opens loading the site behind the link (probably because "down" above a link also means to open the link in a new tab) of the closed tab This also works if the closed tab wasnt the last one. Just make sure you don't start the "down" gesture above a link in the remaining tab but somewhere unclickable. Cheers

  • Just noticed this myself. Have you done actual bugreport?

  • I noticed this bug ever since Vivaldi was released as an Alpha (if it was possible from the beginning to open new tabs and links with the same gesture) and it is really annoying. Can't believe it still isn't fixed, I always thought people would notice within 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure I filed a very precise bug report when I first found the bug.

    It doesn't even matter how you close the tab. I noticed, though, that sometimes the mouse down gesture opens the link, and sometimes reopens the previous site. And no, this is not another gesture like "down-right -> reopen closed tab" (reopen tab is actually "up->right"). Also, very rarely it occurs even if the mouse is definitely not above a link, but for example above the tab bar.

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