Tab Scrolling - Way too sensitive!

  • I've just recently downloaded Vivaldi, and have been loving it. However there is one major pain (other than being rather slow), which is the scroll between tabs feature is extremely sensitive. When you scroll left or right, it will scroll over multiple tabs at a time, its near impossible to land on the desired tab. Does anyone else have this problem? I am on a MacBook Air running OSX 10.11.5

  • I just switched to tabs on top, to be able to test this issue (in v1.3.501.6):

    When I use my mousewheel, it doesn't seem to matter how much I scroll, with each scroll movement I only move over one tab. So in this case, the scrolling feels actually pretty slow and inefficient (if you want to move over more than a tab or two).

    When I use my trackpad, scrolling through tabs does not seem to work particularly well:

    • If I only do small swipes, I move over a single tab, which feels relatively precise, but also pretty slow (just like with the mousewheel, as described above).
    • If I do larger swipes, it starts too feel a bit erratic, i.e. it's a bit hard to predict how many tabs I will move over, and sometimes there are weird jumps before I land on a tab.

    I haven't encountered these issues before, because I strongly prefer having my tabs on the left instead of at the top, and with that setting, "Switch Tabs by scrolling" is ignored because scrolling is reserved for scrolling down the list of tabs if there are more tabs than fit the window.


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