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  • I usually watch youtube video while working at home (yeah it slows my work but I would be procrastinating if I wasn't watchnig/listening a video). In order to be able to watch the video while working on full screen I used the app Floating for Youtube when I was on Chrome so I decided to install it on Vivaldi since it's chromium but I just can't make the app work, when I enter the url of the video I just get a black picture and the video never starts. For now I am using chrome when watching youtube videos to be able to get this picture in picture feature but the lack of mouse gesture on chrome just exasperates me (yeah this feature changed my life I cannot live without it now). I don't know if the problem is on my computer only or if it's the case for the actual build of Vivaldi but I would love to get a solution I never really got into the chrome apps before since I never had a problem with them before. I hope someone will be able to solve my problem, thank you for reading me and sorry for the grammar, I am french.

  • The extension doesn't work for me either. I haven't looked at the code, but there seems to be a problem.
    In the meantime you could load youtube as a webpanel. It's obviously not the same, but you can show/hide the video with a click and expand it to your liking. I actually think that's even better than a floating window, but yeah, that's a matter of taste.

  • Yes using the panels could be an option if I wasn't using this floating window in order to watch youtube video while working on Autocad, not on Vivaldi directly.

  • I'm glad am not the only one who does it when working! Sadly floating youtube doesn't work on Vivaldi and I have the same issue!

    So Am making use of the Panel feature of Vivaldi. I have youtube on on one panel.!! it would look like this...

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    Plug in a secondary monitor.


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