Quick commands improvement: Bangs

  • Hello Vivaldi community! I really like how the quick command works, it is pretty nice specially for those used to terminals! In order to improve vivaldi browser, I suggest some improvements for quick commands: [b]Search codes for websites[/b] [attachment=3844]QAfgkKl.png[/attachment] Like DuckDuckGo bangs, it would be nice to have something in quick commands that searchs in the desired webpage. I will give you some examples [ul] [li][b]!g Vivaldi community[/b]: will redirect to google.com with a query of "Vivaldi community" in a new tab[/li] [li][b]!gt Flarum [/b]: will redirect to github.com with a query of "Flarum" in a new tab[/li] [/ul] It is pretty much the same duckduckgo does but implemented in the browser, which would be amazing! You can read more about duckduckgo bangs [url=https://duckduckgo.com/bang]here [/url]. It would also be nice to have the same with the full name, like !google query. I attach an screenshots of the command idea Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/82504/QAfgkKl.png[/img]

  • Functionality like this would work perfectly with the "quick command" menu.

  • What's the point of using "!g" when you can just use "g"? That already works perfectly on every chromium based browser including Vivaldi.

    Actually the bang commands are meant to be sent to DuckDuckGo, and that is exactly what happens if you have it configured as default search engine. Why should the browser intervene here and break that functionality?

  • I did not know "g" was available, it feels great!
    The idea is not stuck only to one search engine, there could be something that could fit with both systems, usign ! for ddg (when selected as default) and simply g / yt / gh etc… for others. That way we could still use google as default search enginge (95% does) and have this great feature.

  • As jtsn already posted, it works now.

    Note: Do not even need DuckDuckGo as default.

    Try it yourself (i have d as shortcut for DuckDuckGo)
    open quick search - F2
    Enter - d !yt Vivaldi
    Press return

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