The installer failed to uncompress archive please help

  • I have windwos 7 ×64 based system. Whenever I try to install Vivaldi technical preview the confirmation window pop-up, I press "Accept and Install", a window with only a loading bar pop-up but after a few seconds another window with the error "The installer failed to uncompress archive. Please download Vivaldi again" pop-up. even though I downloaded it five times there is no difference. I attached the error window image. can anyone help me? Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Hey, I had the same problem, after a few attempts of redownloading and trying different locations I tried manually extracting the files and it works.

    So get 7zip if you don't have it, install it, rightclick Vivaldi_TP2_1.0.94.2.exe and from the context menu choose to extract it wherever you want to extract it to. (Or open it with 7zip in any way you prefer.) You will then end up with a Vivaldi.7z file which you can extract the same way again and it contains all the files and folder structure you need to run Vivaldi.


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