Photo Tagger for Vivaldi please…

  • One thing that keeps me with Opera for all those years is the Photo Tagger Extension. It lets me collect pictures I like just right into the Speed Dial of the browser. I've got a huge collection of them. And I love to keep them offline not on a picassa or other site which I would have to login etc. Moreover the old version of it allows animated gifs and rearrangement. So. Can you make a Photo Tagger clone for Vivaldi? For an argument I would say that the original Photo Tagger has over 2milion downloads.That means something Doesn't it? Will you add it to your todo list? Please.

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    I would be surprised if there was not already a similar extension for Chrome, and it's not something that the Vivaldi developers should be spending time on.

    Here it says: Downloads 4,535,109 so it's obviously very popular. It seems that over 4.5m users are too lazy to save pictures to a specific folder from where they can be selected in Speed Dial settings. Even if you wanted to change your speed dial every day, it would not be too time-consuming. (It takes me about 15 seconds)

    Vivaldi currently has a choice of 7 default photos (1800 x 1200 pixels) that can be selected plus one custom slot, which allows you to select any picture on your hard drive with a few clicks.

    Spiral Graphics have some nice freeware if you want to create some nice patterns to use in the Speed Dial

  • Well, don't call 4mln users too lazy.
    It's the way it works.
    You have a nice thumnail in the speed dial and your own galery with one click from you.
    (with animated gifs working (which is not so common in these online shitty picture sites)
    So believe me, it's something that 4,5mln users trusted because it's good.

  • The Image collector extension does not work as it's said above.
    Very pity. 😞


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