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  • I love this browser: lot's of customization! I can customize everything (or almost) and for the first time I see a browser where you can hide the search field! another thing I like is that little bar on the bottom, where I can choose to hide images or show them, and the button with the "< >" signs seems amazing too! this is all features other browsers don't have or don't allow you to change so easily. also, heard that vivaldi devs actually listen to their users, like Mozilla used to do back in the day. if that's true, I would love you even more if you continue to be like that! I have 1 and just 1 feature request: when you want to introduce something new, ask first: "is this a feature that our users will use everyday for the next year?". what ruined Firefox was that they were introducing new things which users would use 1 or 3 times a month. total waste of effort! and when they put a lot of dev tools on it was the cherry on the top of the pie, srsly. don't do any of this please!

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    Good Post

    We all want lots of options and features, but it's never possible to do everything. I spend a lot of my time asking users who make feature requests, “Why do you need this?” or I suggest workarounds that can already do almost what they want.

    If a suggestion is really a useful feature, lots of users will support it, and the proposer will be able to defend the request if it is challenged, without getting angry.

    “It would be useful to me” is not a sufficient reason for developers to divert efforts from current tasks to some new task. No business would survive without any sort of cost/benefit analysis.

  • yeah you are right…. maybe I am just overwhelmed because I really like this browser and I would like to use it for the next 10 years at least xd. you do good in asking users about things. hope you keep doing it in the future.

    by the way: how can I try to beta version? I would like to see the new themes and all that I saw on a tech news website 😛

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    Bookmark the Vivaldi Team Blog or subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up with the latest snapshots. Snapshot 1.3.501.6 is currently the latest version.

    The next snapshot must be due soon.


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