An Idea for Vivaldi Advertisement

  • Hello Vivaldi Team I have an Idea for an advertisement video for Vivaldi Browser to be put on Youtube or Vimeo or whatever. Setting: Norway, out in the nature.It's cold. Harsh. Lots of snow. Skies clear, stars visible. Auroras dowsing the surrounding in an eerie green athmosphere. The Camera pans from the sky, over the aurora down to the snowy plane. Title blend-in: NORWAY, 2012 Then, the camera centers on a campfire. Characters sitting around it on Logs. Thick warm clothing. Thick warm Beards. All holding a Beer or a typical Norwegian drink. Characters: The original Opera presto team that has left Opera ~two years ago Actions: Nobody speaks. All look into the fire. Thinking. The camera shows their faces. Everything is calm. only the fire can be heard crackling. Suddenly one lifts his head, eyes straight on the horizon:"We need to bring the old browser back." All look at him, then their eyes also look the horizon. Their faces get determined and strong-willed. All nod and say:"Yeah" The camera zooms out, pans back up into the sky. Title blend in: Vivaldi A new browser for our friends.

  • Seems a bit exclusive. Rather see it as a bright, new advert without reference to old Opera.

    Your mileage may vary of course


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