Vivaldi for Android

  • Hi Since long time Im looking for web browser working on android the same us web browser on PC. What can I install on TV box is only mobile version. Is there any whey to get Vivaldi the same as on PC/MAC on Android TV Boxes. Its whery hard to work with web browser on monitor or Tv screen with mouse and keyboard when u have mobile version of the webrowser. If not meybe u vivaldi Team should creat web browser for android friendly for keyboard and mouse.

  • So you'd like to use the Vivaldi for PC on an android tv box? You should stream your desktop there..
    I'm not sure if it can be done via chromecast.
    An idea would be to use something similiar to Teamviewer on both pc and on android but it's a not free solution…
    I'm sure will be a mobile version of Vivaldi, but I can't say when.
    Or you can plug your pc to the tv (usually via hdmi) and use Vivaldi with your keyboard/mouse.

  • I am actually working on a browser like that, and it can be themed using external apps.

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