Horizontal scrolling: possible? Should be.

  • Note: Because I'm running Mac OS X Mountain Lion I'm using Vivaldi version 1.0.435.48 () (64-bit). So, sorry if this exists in a newer version that I can't run. Many browsers let you scroll horizontally by holding down the SHIFT key while scrolling. Apparently Vivaldi is not among them (or, at least, it doesn't work when I try it ... with SHIFT or any other obvious meta key). So, just not there or broken in 1.0.435.48 () (64-bit)? If not there then should be. If broken then SIGH (we can't all run, or want to run, the latest and "greatest"). Given that, while I'm typing this topic, I note that copy (both menu command and key command) doesn't seem to be working perhaps there's something wrong on my end (paste, however, does work)? Responses appreciated. Regards, Gary Nunes

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    Just not there yet.

    Not available on the Windows platform in Opera 12.17, Firefox, or IE11 yet either AFAIK, but Opera 37 already has this.

    Specs AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 7 64-bit

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    scroll horizontally by holding down the SHIFT key while scrolling

    it works fine on debian - jessie.
    the middle button perfomed the same action on prior versions of ȍepra.


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