Localhost and inspect elements request

  • Hello, and thanks for a great looking browser! I ran into a problem while developing. The address bar does not like when i type "localhost" it wants me to search google for localhost, I have to write http:// before my localhost, even when I'm refreshing while I'm at my project. [i]Example: localhost/myProject.[/i] When i press enter in the address bar, google tries to search for localhost/myProject instead of refreshing the current localhost project. But when pressing links inside my project or press F5, it works just fine. Another request is when I inspect elements, I don't want a new window for my Developer tool, I want it to be sticky at the bottom or right, just like chrome. Or atleast have that as an option. Other than this, it's a great browser!

  • Hi Tobia Same Problem for me :( . The new Browser is amazing but need the improvements like you mentioned.

    The Features you mentioned is the very essential for a developer… I hope the next update will resolve this B) .

  • For the time being, try a workaround: go to http://localhost, bookmark it, go to bookmarks, edit, add the nickname "localhost". From now on writing "localhost" in the address bar will launch the bookmark. :)

    Edit: actually, you can skip going to bookmarks menu, as the option to add a nickname is present already when adding a new site.

  • Hi, are there any update on this topic??
    This is really annoying...

  • Moderator

    Issue with localhost is solved in 1.7 Stable.

    Developer Tools sticky in browser is not implemented.

  • Hi. There's still a problem with localhost if port ts specified, for example, address localhost:8080/test is still handled as search query instead of address

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    @eugene.gusarov That issue with FQDN localhost and port is already fixed in 1.8 Snapshot.

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