Extremely Fast Scrolling with Touchpad

  • This happens on Vivaldi(both 32 and 64bit with smooth scrolling switched on and off) and on Brave browser. It doesn't occur on Chrome or Firefox. I really like this browser and I must commend your efforts but I can't stand the fact that I have to watch how slow I have to move my finger just so it doesn't fly from to bottom in less than a second. I hope you guys will see that it affecting many many users and apply a fix ASAP. On another note it takes 5.31 seconds to startup with 70 Dials in 11 Speed Dial Folders. With Chrome in opens in 2.6 seconds. Also how do I move extension icons in the toolbar? EDIT. One other thing, if I move my mouse to the top where the Tabs are located, the tabs don't go right to the edge so I have to move the mouse down a bit to click it.(Please see the image I attached) Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/82400/2016-06-10.png[/img]

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    • Everyone thinks that their own issue is the most important. On a desktop, middle-mouse button scroll is quite fast. Useful on long pages, not so good for reading. Use the space bar for that
    • Five seconds does not seem like a long time to wait. Optimising for speed is the last thing to fix after adding features, and fixing bugs, prior to a final release
    • In Settings, Tabs, Tab Display, there is an option to remove the space above a maximised window

  • Haha, ya I agree with that, but you have to admit scrolling is an integral part to browsing, something that should be the same across all browsers. It shouldn't be cumbersome to use or switch from a different browser.


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