Go arrow/button WITHIN location bar

  • One of my biggest chagrins with Chrome was when they decided the Go arrow/button WITHIN location bar was not needed (as in many of their opinionated moves) Of late, many of use wireless keyboards, which may get out of reach when stretching in our lazyboy :0 When I am browsing, and I want to paste a few copied words into location bar, AND want to add a few more to that, there is NO WAY to tell the browser 'git'. We are stuck either doing nothing at all or pulling up the keyboard extension. (I know Vivaldi is a WIP; this is just a feature request placeholder)

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    I must be missing something obvious. If you don't want to use Paste and Go, because you want to add some more words, how do you do that with just the mouse?

    Anyway, I guess you could just copy all of the text again, then use Paste and Go.

  • You paste from different sources, the latter Paste & go will overwrite the former paste and you lose it.

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