Address bar autofill and offered options broken in the last version?

  • When I start writing an url the first thing vivaldi offers is duckduckgo search with the text I've written. This is pretty horrible because in some cases it offers some title of website I've visited but if I choose the first option it searches with that text and finds nothing. For example when I start writing "bog" the first thing vivaldi offers me is a search text string like this: First thing it offers as an autofill option is a duckduckgo search with a text string that is the title of the picasa web album! Tha'ts clearly not what I wanted. 2nd option is another search with just bog. Not that either. Third option is is the site that I started to write. Fourth option is a picasa web album. Not that either. Fifth is what I wanted... This is horrible design. It happens with every single website. The site that I visit most often is 4th on the list while the 3 first options are unusable crap. 1. How do I get this back like it was like a month ago when the address bar worked like it should? vivaldi version: 1.2.490.39 32bit

  • This is a big problem for me.

    I really want Vivaldi only to suggest the webpage, and nothing more. Currently when I start typing a webpage - for example, Vivaldi automatically fills in some page I saw some time ago, so I need still to type the whole page and delete the rest. This is annoying. 🙂

  • Most of the time I start to type an address to go to a site, but what I'm offered is very long addresses of the same site instead of the home page first.

    I have to select the extra text and press delete before pressing [Enter].

    Inconvenient, and the list can get very long, needs a scrollbar and show only 5-10 addresses.

  • I have the same problem: start typing and I get a previous site - and all the extra to give an exact page I must have visited.

    Sometimes even deleting the extra details doesn't work and although I thought I left just the base URL, I'm taken to the exact site.


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