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  • Upon opening the New Tab Page the cursor is focused on the addressbar to input an address or search term. Now I use a New Tab extension in all of my browsers, in Chrome the extension replaces the NTP directly. Since that does not work in Vivaldi I tried to set the NTP to the URL of the web-gui of the extension. Though I can't add items easily to that collection at least I have fast access to my links. The only problem is, that when setting the NT to an URL the addressbar is not focused. To enter sth. I have to click it first, which breaks the workflow. Since I see no reason to not focus the addressbar when opening a NT witn an URL maybe that could be fixed. 🙂

  • I found some better solutions, but the main issue remains:

    I found the internal URL chrome-extension://jpfpebmajhhopeonhlcgidhclcccjcik/newtab.html to open the internal NTP instead of the web-gui and how to add items to the collections, but still the addressbar is not focused. The URL in the address-bar changes to vivaldi://newtab but nothing is focused.

    If it was focused there would be hardly any drawback to using a custom NTP with a little workaround effort

  • I'm using FVD Speed Dial instead of the built in one. Having the same problem nearly for a year, cursor is not placed into the URL bar after opening a new tab. So I'm patiently waiting for the fix.

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    You no longer need an extension for this. The New Tab Page can be set in Settings, Tabs.

    The problem remains. I guess it depends on what your new tab page is. Some might work better if the focus was in the page.

    Have you filed a bug report / feature request yet?

  • I find that using a tool like BetterTouchTool can solve this. You simply assign a series of keyboard shortcuts to the original ctrl/cmd-T:

    • ctrl/cmd-T (open a new tab)
    • delay for 1 second (wait for new tab opened)
    • ctrl/cmd-L (focus on address bar)



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