Nicknames with more than one character

  • When I use a nickname with e.g. two characters (e.g. "gk") for a certain bookmark, enter that nickname in the adress field, press enter, then at least 2 tabs with the bookmarked page are opened. Is this known or observable on other installations?

  • I have not been able to reproduce the issue on my Mac with Vivaldi 1.3.501.6. Which version did you observe the problem with?

    I tried various things, including typing the two-letter nickname in the address bar vs. in the quick command window, using different letters for the nicknames, trying to create conflicts between nicknames (e.g., "x" for one bookmark and "xx" for another), but none of that produced anything other than the expected behavior.

    Did you try different (exotic) nicknames to make sure that the nicknames are not somehow used elsewhere (e.g., in an extension)? Did you try disabling your extensions?

  • Think I got it now: looks like a bug in the bookmark importer.
    When creating new bookmarks, the nicknames work fine (as you described).
    However with the bookmarks I imported from Firefox, the nicknames are in a strange state: they work somehow (with the strange 3 tab way described initially) and with an additional bunch of bugs:

    • they are not displayed in the bookmark edit dialog (although, as said they somehow work).
    • I can enter a new nickname here, this works than as expected
    • If I change that new nickname to the one the bookmark originally had, vivaldi won't allow me (meaning it will close the bookmark edit dialog, but on reopening, the unchanged nickname is displayed).

    Looks to me like some nickname state is stored in some hidden way with the bookmark importer which interferes with how vivaldi normally stores nicknames.

  • Looking further: think it only had problems with one bookmark (which I now deleted and recreated), cannot reproduce with other bookmarks anymore. Maybe I don't fully get the picture, anyway seems to work now…

  • So you are saying that multiple ones of the bookmarks that you imported from Firefox had keywords but all of those were imported properly except for one, which had the invisible keyword and caused multiple tabs to be opened when invoked – is that correct?

    If that's the case, maybe it really was just a freak incident with that particular bookmark.


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