Page Load Memory Efficiency

  • These days we are barraged with ads and multi-media content shoved on our faces whether we like it or not. I for one prefer mostly static content (especially at work) and would ad-hoc select multimedia only if it interests me. While there are adblockers and multi-media blockers (which I already installed of course) I would like for these to be inbuilt like other flavors of chromium instead of depending on 3rd party extension which could go out of sync or be unsupported I see there is a page-level content/etc blocker, which I have still not tested out, this could be a browser-wide feature that would include blocking unnecessary DRM. Just my 2c for faster page loads. Also, when we disable js, which for some weird reason seems hidden by Vivaldi, ref; you could have a tiny button at the status bar to re-enable js/load images/load video etc


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